Shambala Mountain Center location of Basic Training retreats
Karuna Retreat

Basic Cycle

Combined Online & In-Person Retreat

 October 2021 – August 2023

If you are looking for a safe community in which to apply the dharma to your life directly while being certified in Contemplative Psychology, then Karuna might be perfect for you.

Karuna Training is currently enrolling for this new Basic Training cycle beginning the weekend of October 29th through November 4th, 2021, at Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado.
This upcoming cycle, Karuna Basic Training, is a hybrid program taking place over two years. It is hybrid because we will meet both in-person and online. 

This includes four in-person retreats along with six online courses. Participants who complete the full training will be certified in Contemplative Psychology.


Combined Online and In-Person Retreats 

10 Seminars
2 Four-day in-person retreats
2 Seven-day in-person retreats
6 Online half-day weekends + 3 three hour courses

Two years of Continuity Groups meet monthly
A 25-hour mentored project of Compassionate Exchange.
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Shambhala Mountain Center
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TEN SEMINARS: The training includes ten seminars, two of which are week-long retreats, and two are long weekend retreats. Six online meetings for two half weekend days and four follow-up courses, a personal project with a mentor, and peer support. The seminars are scheduled roughly every other month.

PLACE: Six Courses fulfilled online; four courses occur in-person in retreat at Red Feather Campus at Shambhala Mountain Center

FACULTY: Melissa Moore, Sandra Ladley, Terry Jaworski,
Continuity Faculty: Kathryn Rile, Anie Boudreaux, Rodney Weiss

AUDIENCE: One does not have to be either a Buddhist or a Therapist

332 TOTAL TRAINING HOURS: Phase I Personal Process: 129 hours Phase II Methods in Working Skilfully with Others: 126 hours Phase III: Engaged Compassion Project: 74 hours.


Your payment options

The cost for the two-year Karuna Training hybrid in-person and online program is $8,000.00 + SMC Retreat room and board (ranges)

Note: We ask that you commit to a phase for the sake of the community and to experience fully the processes of Karuna Training.

Payment Options: A $500 discount is offered for paying in full before the onset of Phase 1= $7,500.00

Alternatively students can opt into one Phase at a time; They then pay at the beginning of each phase or make monthly payments for the phase they are committed to. Cycles must be taken in succession.

Phase One: $3500.00

Phase Two: $3500.00

Phase Three: $ 2000.00

SMC Additional Retreat COST: 

There are additional costs for food and lodging for the four retreats, 2 four day, and 2 week-long residential retreats.

Accommodations Costs run between $141 to $250  per night which in total will equal between $2538 to $4500. 

Prices in total are quoted for the entire Three Phases; 18 nights in four retreats for Room and Board for all four in-person retreats (depending on the accommodations you choose.) 

Travel to SMC retreats is in addition and self-organized, a Karuna ride board is established on Community Slack.
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Additional information 

CEUs: Karuna Training (license #137058) is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for mental health professionals. Karuna Training maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Course meets the qualifications for 120 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. For licensed attendees outside of California who are interested in continuing education credit, please check with your State Board, to see if California CEUs are accepted.

TUITION ASSISTANCE: Tuition assistance is available upon request, on a case-by-case basis, and determining need. Karuna Training aspires to make it possible for those with a strong desire to do the Training; please contact to be considered for financial scholarships.

COHORT CAPACITY AND ATTENDANCE: Karuna Training occurs in an ongoing cohort, and the class size is limited to 30 students. Students may not enter the cohort after Seminar 1. We expect you to commit to attending all the seminars. To receive certification, a student may not miss more than two online workshops and no in-person retreats.

ACCESSIBILITY: to discuss accommodations and access needs please email

APPLICATION AND REGISTRATION: You must apply for Karuna Training and be individually interviewed before being accepted into the program. The simple application process is described on our website 

You may apply at any time, and Karuna will be conducting interviews until the program starts on Friday, October 29th, 2021 . 

If you have questions, please go to the website or contact Mairead Jacobs Dougherty or Melissa Moore at
Basic Training Apllication Form


Course overview

Title of Seminar
PlaceDates & Times Faculty
Phase 1: Personal Process

117 in-class training hours
Continuity hours: 12 hours @ 2 hours a month129 Total Training hours
Seminar 1
Confidence in Basic Sanity and Ego in Contemplative
Shambhala Mountain Center Redfeather Lakes, Colorado
Oct 29-Nov 1, 2021 (Fri-Mon)
3 days & 3 nights
On-going Cohort & Continuity groups 4 hours monthly
25 hours

Melissa Moore
Sandra Ladley
Seminar 2
Befriending the Energy of Emotions
onlineJanuary 15- 16, 2022
Two weekend half days and 2 or 3 follow up classes
On-going Continuity groups 2 hours 1X monthly February & March
18 hours
Sandra Ladley
Seminar 3
Four Foundations of Space Awareness
onlineMarch 12-13, 2022
Two weekend half days and 2 or 3 follow up classes
On-going Continuity groups 2 hours 1X monthly March and April
18 hours

Terry Jaworski
Seminar 4
Maitri Space Awareness: Meeting with Elemental Magic
Shambhala Mountain Center
Redfeather Lakes, Colorado
May 1-7, 2022 (Sun-Sat) Deepening Week Residential Retreat
7 days & 6 nights On-going Cohort & Continuity groups 4 hours monthly
May & June 56 hours
Melissa Moore
Terry Jaworski
Phase 2: Methods in Working Skillfully with Others

Total in-class hours: 110 hours in-class training Continuity hours: 16 hours @ 2 hours a month 126 Training Hours
Seminar 5
Compassionate Presence I
online July 9 - 10, 2022
Two weekend half day and 2 or 3 follow up classes July and August
18 hours
Melissa Moore
Seminar 6
Compassionate Presence II

onlineSeptember 24-25, 2022
One weekend half day and 3 follow up courses
On-going Continuity groups 2 hours 1 X monthly
October & November & December
18 hours
Terry Jaworski
Seminar 7
Shining the Jewel

onlineJanuary 14 & 15, 2023
One weekend half-day and 2-3 follow up courses
On-going Continuity groups + 3 hours 1X monthly Feb & March (2)
18 hours
Sandra Ladley
Seminar 8
Maitri Space Awareness: Exploration of Emotional Energy
Shambhala Mountain Center Redfeather Lakes, Colorado
April 16-22, 2023 (Sun-Sat)

Deepening Week
Residential Retreat
7 days & 6 nights
56 hours

Sandra Ladley
Terry Jaworski
Phase 3: Engaged Compassion Project with Mentoring

Total in-class hours: 36 hours training Continuity hours:
16 hours @ 2 hours a month Project hours: 25 with 3 hours of mentoring + Continuity support 77 training hours
Seminar 9
25-hour project of Compassionate Exchanger
onlineApril through May 2023
On-going Self Directed
35 hours:
17-hour prep, 3 mentoring, 5 recruitment, 5 hours direct CE work
25 hours
3 hours mentoring

All mentoring faculty
Seminar 10
Mentoring Day
onlineMay 20-21, 2023
2 half day’s program to support projects and graduation presentations.
Continuity and Mentoring in June & July

8 hourshours direct CE work
25 hours
3 hours mentoring

Sandra Ladley
All mentoring faculty
Seminar 11
Shining Brilliant Sanity Graduation Weekend
Shambhala Mountain Center Redfeather Lakes, ColoradoAugust 18-21, 2023 Rigden Lodge
4- day residential Retreat
3 days & 3 nights
18 hours
All Faculty -
Melissa, Sandra, Terry + CF
Total Hours:
263-course hours
44-continuity hours
3-mentoring hours
22-Project hours

332- Total hours of Training
CEU’s are Available
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