2020 Cohort

A Life Changing Program
May 4th 2022 - August 21st 2023

Karuna Training
is designed not just to equip you with a certificate in Contemplative Psychology, but to also give you a safe community to grow in compassion and apply universal truth to your life.

We are currently accepting
applications for the 2022 Karuna Training Cohort. Our two-year journey will kick off in person from May 4th 2022 through August 21st, 2023, at Drala Mountain Center in Colorado.
This upcoming cycle, Karuna Basic Training, is a hybrid program taking place over two years. It is a hybrid training because we will meet both in-person and online.

This includes four in-person retreats along with six online courses. Participants who complete the full training will be certified in Contemplative Psychology.


A powerful curriculum that combines online learning and in-Person retreats

10 Seminars
2 Four-day in-person retreats
2 Seven-day in-person retreats
6 Online half-day weekends + 3 three hour courses

Two years of Continuity Groups meet monthly
A 25-hour mentored project of Compassionate Exchange.
See schedule below
Drala Mountain Center
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TEN SEMINARS: The training includes ten seminars—two of which are week-long retreats, and two are long weekend retreats. There are also six online weekend meetings for two half days and four follow-up courses, a personal project with a mentor, and peer support. The seminars are scheduled roughly every other month.

PLACE: In-person retreats take place at the Red Feather Campus at Drala Mountain Center in Colorado. All other training is fulfilled online through live programs and self-paced study.

FACULTY: The faculty of Karuna Training includes Melissa Moore, Ph.D.; Barbara Märtens; Sandra Ladley, MA.; Terry Jaworski M.A.; Kathryn Rile; and Anie Boudreaux. You can learn more about our highly credentialed and compassionate team on the Meet the Faculty page.

PARTICIPANTS: Students of Karuna Training come from all walks of life and many professions. You do not have to be a therapist nor a Buddhist to benefit from Karuna Training. Our graduates have also included medical professionals, teachers, coaches, artists, business managers, and parents.

Phase I Personal Process: 129 hours
Phase II Methods in Working Skilfully with Others: 126 hours
Phase III Engaged Compassion Project: 74 hours.


Your payment options

The investment for the two-year Karuna Training:
$4,000 per year, $8,000 for the total two-year commitment.

In addition, you pay the cost of room and board for the in-person retreats at Drala Mountain Center directly to the Retreat Center. There are dormitory, double, and single rates available.

You may commit to the program one phase at a time.

Payment Options
Option A: Payment in Full for the 2 years is $8,000
 A $500 discount goes to those who pay in full before the onset of Phase 1

Option B: Payment by Phase: Pay by one phase at a time. This costs a bit more, but you can pay in monthly installments:

Phase One: $3,500

Phase Two: $3,500

Phase Three: $2,000

Option C: Monthly Payment Plans: Will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Some scholarship money is available on an as-needed basis, and we will discuss that at your admission interview.
Drala Mountain Center Additional Retreat Costs

There are additional costs for food and lodging for the four residential retreats—two are four-day, and two are week-long.

Food and Lodging
costs for our in-person retreats at Drala Mountain Center range from $140 to $250 per night. Typically, the total for all four in-person retreats (18 nights in total) ranges from $2,538 to $4,500, excluding your personal travel expenses to get to each retreat.

If accepted, Karuna Training will email you an Drala Mountain Center lodging registration link.

Method of Payment: Payments can be made by check or credit card once you are accepted into the program.

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Other Things To Know

CEUs: Karuna Training (license #137058) is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for mental health professionals. Karuna Training maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Course meets the qualifications for 120 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioural Sciences. For licensed attendees outside of California who are interested in continuing education credit, please check with your State Board, to see if California CEUs are accepted.

TUITION ASSISTANCE: If you are feeling drawn to Karuna Training, we don't want funds to keep you from applying. Tuition assistance is available on a case-by-case basis through determined need. To apply for a financial scholarship, please reach out to karuna.assist@gmail.com.

COHORT CAPACITY AND ATTENDANCE: Each cohort is limited to 30 students and closes after the first seminar, in order to build on the community established within a cohort. Whether joining for the full two-year program or one phase at a time, students are required to commit to attending all seminars within that phase. Completing the certification requires a student to attend all in-person retreats and not miss more than two online seminars.

ACCESSIBILITY: To discuss accommodations and access needs, please email here.

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Contact Karuna
APPLICATION AND REGISTRATION: You must apply for Karuna Training and be individually interviewed before being accepted into the program. The simple application process is described on our website 

You may apply at any time, and Karuna will be conducting interviews until the program starts on Fri, April 22nd, 2022

If you have questions, please visit this link and fill out the contact form.  Contact
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Course overview

Title of Seminar
Place Dates TimesFurther DetailsFaculty
Phase 1: Personal Process

117 in-class training hours
Continuity hours: 12 hours @ 2 hours a month 129 Total Training hours
Seminar 1
Confidence in Intrinsic Health and Defining Ego in Contemplative Psychology.

Participants are introduced to the view of Intrinsic Health and the mind-map of ego in Contemplative Psychology

Drala Mountain Center Redfeather Lakes, Colorado

May 4 - 7, 2022 (Wed-Sat)

25 hours
3 days & 3 nights
On-going Cohort & Continuity groups 4 hours monthly

Melissa Moore
Terry Jaworski
Seminar 2
Befriending the Energy of Emotions.

The mandala of emotions is introduced as the six realms of fixation

July 9 - 10, 2022

18 hours
Two weekend half days and 2 or 3 follow up classes
On-going Continuity groups 2 hours 1X monthly February & March

Sandra Ladley
Seminar 3
Four Foundations of Space Awareness

Four foundations of taming the mind and developing a fearless relationship to space unfold


September 24 - 25, 2022

18 hours
Two weekend half days and 2 or 3 follow up classes
On-going Continuity groups 2 hours 1X monthly March and April

Terry Jaworski
Seminar 4
Maitri Space Awareness: Meeting with Elemental Magic

The first in-person retreat working with the Mandala of the Five Buddha Families and exploration of the outer manifestation, which is the five elements and the practice of ‘space awareness’.

Drala Mountain Center
Redfeather Lakes, Colorado

November 13 - 19, 2022

56 hours
(Sun-Sat) Deepening Week Residential Retreat
7 days & 6 nights On-going Cohort & Continuity groups 4 hours monthly
May & June
Sandra Ladley
Terry Jaworski
Phase 2: Methods in Working Skillfully with Others

Total in-class hours: 110 hours in-class training Continuity hours: 16 hours @ 2 hours a month 126 Training Hours
Seminar 5
Compassionate Presence I

January 14 - 15, 2023
9am - 12.30am MT

Follow Up Classes

Jan 28th - 9- 11.30am MT
Feb 5th 9 -11.30am MT

13 hours
Two weekend half days and 2 follow up classes.

Melissa Moore
Seminar 6
Compassionate Presence II

The four phases of working contemplatively with others in compassionate exchange


February 18 -19, 2023
9-12.30am MT

Follow up classes

March 4th 9-11.30am MT
March 11th 9-11.30am

13 hours
Two weekend half days and 2 follow up classes.

Terry Jaworski
Seminar 7
Shining the Jewel.

The well-honed skill of offering honest, kind, and helpful feedback which serves to bring out the brilliant sanity of others.


March 18 & 19. 2023
9-12.30am MT

Follow-up classes

March 27 9-11.30am MT
April 8 9-11.30 MT

13 hours
Two weekend half days and 2 follow up classes.
Sandra Ladley
Seminar 8
Maitri Space Awareness: Exploration of Emotional Energy.

The second in-person retreat works with the Mandala of the Five Buddha Families from the perspective of emotional energies, and transmuting confusion into wisdom.

Drala Mountain Center Redfeather Lakes, Colorado

April 16-22, 2023 (Sun-Sat)

56 hours
Deepening Week
Residential Retreat
7 days & 6 nights

Melissa Moore
Terry Jaworski
Phase 3: Engaged Compassion Project with Mentoring

Total in-class hours: 36 hours training Continuity hours:
16 hours @ 2 hours a month Project hours: 25 with 3 hours of mentoring + Continuity support 77 training hours
Seminar 9
25-hour project of Compassionate Exchanger.

Participants engage in five hours of working with someone they recruit in successive sessions of compassionate exchange.


April through May 2023
April through May 2023
On-going Self Directed
35 hours:
17-hour prep, 3 mentoring, 5 recruitment, 5 hours direct CE work
25 hours
3 hours mentoring

All mentoring faculty
Seminar 10
Mentoring Day

Support for the projects in whatever way is needed by mentors

May 20-21, 2023
9-12.30am MT
2 half day’s program to support projects and graduation presentations.
Continuity and Mentoring in June & July

8 hourshours direct CE work
25 hours
3 hours mentoring

Sandra Ladley
All mentoring faculty
Seminar 11
Shining Brilliant Sanity Graduation Weekend.

Participants present their projects to one another in creative forms and describe the impact of Karuna Training on their lives.
Drala Mountain Center Redfeather Lakes, Colorado

August 18-21, 2023

18 hours
Rigden Lodge
4- day residential Retreat
3 days & 3 nights

All Faculty - Who can attend
Total Hours:
263-course hours
44-continuity hours
3-mentoring hours
22-Project hours

332- Total hours of Training
CEU’s are Available

We hope that you will consider joining us in the next cohort.

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