Discovering Intrinsic Health in a World Running Out of Sanity with Melissa Moore

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From the host of Awake in Relationship podcast, Silas Rose:

"The pandemic has highlighted some fundamental and often painful differences in worldview between nations, political parties, friends and family. As we enter a 5th wave polarization and fear can undermine our collective ability to respond effectively to a changing world. According to contemplative psychology we all possess intrinsic health, a basic reservoir of sanity and compassion we can rely on.  By reconnecting with intrinsic health through mindfulness practices it is possible to release fear, bridge differences and foster healthy relationships.

In this episode of Awake In Relationship I speak with return guest Melissa Moore, director of Karuna Training and author of the Diamonds Within Us: Uncovering brilliant sanity through contemplative psychology, about the often hidden resource of intrinsic health.  In this conversation we discuss how polarization creates pathology both in the culture and the mind and how to work with strong emotions using the tools of contemplative psychology. We also discuss specific ways to reconnect to intrinsic health and create a compassionate space for dialogue in these polarizing times. "

Article written by Melissa Moore

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