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Karuna Live! Unlike Minds: Finding Common Ground in Uncommon Times


Have you recently lost connections with beloved friends and family members over political differences? Are you wanting to find ways to keep listening and feeling when you’re disheartened, irritated, or judgemental? Are you wondering how the fabric of society is going to hold together in these polarizing times?  In Karuna Training, we find courage and […]

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Karuna Live! Sexuality, Gender, and Worthiness


When our sexuality or gender is disregarded or oppressed, our whole sense of worthiness is threatened. This Karuna Live offers a chance to practice Contemplative Psychology principles so we can shore up our fundamental worth without solidifying our sense of self. This offering is specifically for those who identify as female, transgender, gender non-conforming, and those […]

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Karuna Live! Being Our True Selves in Our Families


Often we find ourselves regressed when visiting or interacting with our families of origin, feeling fourteen when we are, in actuality, much older. Why do we find it so hard to be our adult selves in our families of origin? We are often participating without knowing why or what we are protecting. We can find […]

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