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Harvesting Loving Kindness in the Post-Ongoing Pandemic Season


Are you finding it hard to be kind to yourself and others during this extended pandemic time? Are you wondering how you might practice loving-kindness in an ongoing way? This two-hour program is open to everyone and will include guided meditation, an experience of the Karuna teachings, and a discussion about the next two-year Karuna […]

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Karuna Live! A Compassionate Death: with The Death Wives and Be a Tree Cremation


In this panel, we’ll address the environmental impact of death and how it relates to the presence and acceptance of death in our culture. Many people know they need to decide between burial and cremation, but most don’t understand that the choice is more multidimensional. In addition to personal preferences, there are ecological impacts to […]

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Karuna Live! Finding the Light in Seasonal Depression with Melissa Moore


Winter loss of light can be daunting for some people. However, contemplative Psychology practices help restore our lifeforce and engage our hearts.  We will create seasonal rituals to mitigate the impending darkness in this sacred season. Come explore the potential wisdom to the dark days of the year. About Karuna Live! This Karuna Live! is […]

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