Meet The Faculty

Melissa Moore PhD., Founder Of Karuna Training

Melissa Moore Ph.D. Steward of the North American Karuna training since 2014, and co-founded Karuna Europe in 1996. Melissa has her MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, and her Ph.D. in Psychological Anthropology from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Melissa has been a student of Vajrayana Buddhism and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche since 1979. She was the founding Director of the Felton Institute for Research and Training in San Francisco (2006–2016). She has been involved in community-based research for the most marginalized populations in California, trained front-line providers in mental health in evidence-based practices, and then researched the outcomes.

Melissa is the Executive Director of Karuna Training and a lead faculty. She has taught Karuna Training in nine countries and in four states in the U.S. She lives in Denver with her dog and husband. 

Melissa recently published The Diamonds Within Us: Uncovering Brilliant Sanity Through Contemplative Psychology; find out more about the book

Barbara Märtens

Barbara Märtens has been a Shambhala and Buddhist practitioner for more than 40 years. 

Being a senior teacher within the Shambhala Community for many years , she is also the director of faculty for Karuna Training Europe, an organization for contemplative psychology, health and art. Barbara has two grown up children and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Sandra Ladley, MA

Sandra Ladley, MA, is a core Karuna Training faculty member. She partnered with Melissa Moore to bring Karuna Training to North America. Sandra received her MA in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University.

She is a long-time Buddhist practitioner and teacher, an interdisciplinary artist and activist, and a life-long student. Sandra teaches Buddhist, Contemplative Psychology and Creative Arts programs internationally. She draws on a breadth of experience as a teacher, counselor, and manager in business, mental health and creative arts settings to bring vibrancy and engagement to her teaching.

Terry Jaworski

Terry Jaworski, MA, LMHC graduated from Naropa University in 1983 with a degree in
Contemplative Psychology. She worked in Community Mental Health for 25 years as a clinician and supervisor.

Terry is now in private practice in Seattle, WA and specializes in mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy. She has practiced meditation for 40 years, has been a meditation instructor for 25 years, and is excited to be part of the Karuna Training Faculty

Miriam Hall

Miriam Hall is a cisgender queer white woman who is the lead teacher at Herspiral Contemplative Arts
( and co-director of Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography (, as well as a senior teacher of Nalanda Miksang.

She is a meditation instructor, an authorized Maitri Space Awareness teacher, and a creativity coach. Her work focuses on the intersection of compassion and perception and unapologetically regards all liberation as inherently tied to social justice. She was a member of the first North American cohort of Karuna Training, both basic and graduate, and has been on faculty since 2017.

Anie Boudreau

Anie Boudreau has lived with a brain injury after suffering from nearly 30 concussions as a downhill mountain bike racer and snowboarder. It’s been a journey, to say the least, learning how to maneuver through pain every day while living a joyful life.

Anie is a Certified Yoga Therapist, an Advanced-level Addiction Recovery Coach & Trainer, and Certified Contemplative Psychology Educator. She is a specialist in pain science, nervous system regulation, movement for trauma, psychedelic treatment for addiction recovery and the psychology of the mind and how to have difficult conversations. Anie is diligently learning to connect more deeply with the unseen energies and spirit guides who lead & support her on this journey.

Anie has realized that the healing power of sharing her story significantly eases her symptoms. This is the practice of speaking from the heart and the potent and powerful part of the work she does in her organization School of Reverence.

Kathryn Rile

Kathryn Rile has been a practitioner of meditation for close to 20 years and teaches meditation in a Buddhist community. She was instrumental in bringing Karuna Training to North America and is a graduate of the first Karuna Training cohort in 2014 as well as the Maitri Space Awareness Teacher’s Training at Naropa University.

Kathryn works professionally doing design and communications for small businesses and nonprofits. She is a ceramic artist, the mother of two, and lives in Western Marin County.

Rodney Weiss

Rodney Weiss is an artist,a Co-Active coach, and a Karuna faculty. He received his BA from Naropa University in Contemplative Psychology in 2004 and completed both Karuna Trainings and the Maitri Space Awareness (MSA) teacher training. Rodney currently helps facilitate classes utilizing MSA at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, and uses creative approaches when working with individuals and companies.

He has also completed the Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University School of Medicine. Rodney is well versed in Jewish practice and rituals. He currently lives with his wife, Katie, in Colorado.

Emily Earlenbaugh

Emily Earlenbaugh, PhD is a writer and educator focused on meditation and medical cannabis education. Emily has been studying and practicing meditation for over a decade and is a graduate of Karuna Training’s Graduate Program.

In addition to being a member of the Karuna Training faculty, Emily is a Co-Founder and Director of Education for Mindful Cannabis Consulting, where she teaches cannabis patients how to utilize mindfulness practices to improve their health and their treatment with cannabis. Her PhD is in the philosophy of psychology, with a focus on the psychology of happiness and well-being.

Carolyn Sykes

Carolyn Sykes has been practicing and studying meditation since 1999. She is a meditation instructor and teaches contemplative Buddhist classes and Dharma Art. Carolyn has a love for teaching and undertook studies in Karuna Training to deepen and strengthen her skills. She studied Karuna Training from 2016 – 2019, graduating from both the basic training and the graduate advanced programs. She is currently on the US faculty for Karuna Training.

Carolyn is a musician with an MFA in Harp Performance, and has a teaching and performing studio Pacific Harps. She performs free-lance in orchestras, as a soloist on concert stages, for film and television recording and for special events both locally and abroad. Originally from Australia, Carolyn now lives in Los Angeles.

Kathryn Larsson

Kathryn Larsson, MSW has had a private practice in Seattle, Washington. With over 40 years of experience, she has helped children, individuals, couples, and families. She has developed mastery in guiding ritual space that opens to the unknown great mystery.

Kathryn believes that—through the practices of meditation and mindfulness—we can develop a set of life skills that support us to relate to those around us with greater wisdom and compassion. 

As a graduate of the Karuna Training program, Kathryn has learned to listen and speak from her heart. In addition, she has developed compassionate exchange as a method of meeting us amid our sorrows.

Karuna Training is training in how to evoke the innate health of the present moment.

Confidence in our intrinsic health requires the ability to let go of our interpretations of the world, and learn to relate to phenomena directly, openly and clearly.

This takes a lot of training and a compassionate community to ripen our innate wisdom within.

Melissa Moore, PhD.