Deeper Wisdom Is Waiting For You

Karuna Training is a non-capitalist, non-dogmatic program designed for you to go deeper.
Karuna teaches Mahayana Buddhism through a Vajrayana lens, combining Buddhist principles with contemplative meditation practice, skills development, embodiment training, and ongoing community support.
You don’t need  to be attached to a specific teacher or dogma to benefit from Karuna - it’s about discovering your own brilliant sanity and learning to transform everyday life challenges into opportunities for openness and wisdom.

   Karuna Training is for you if...

  • You feel like you're hitting a wall with the current support you have available, whether it's therapy, your religious community, or other systems
  • You have experience with meditation and you want to go deeper within yourself and your practice
  • You want to uncover the blind spots hindering your life and relationships
  • You desire to go deeper into your heart so you can help heal yourself and others in the world through therapy, art, or other practices
  • You want to see the goodness in yourself and others

How Karuna has impacted its participants

Karuna marked a turning point in my spiritual journey. It gave me, first and foremost, a community of practitioners that I love and trust, and who share my deep desire for spiritual growth. Karuna also instilled in me a deep appreciation and reverence for all that goes into being present with myself and with another person. Lastly, and perhaps most profoundly, Karuna developed in me a confidence in my ability find and dwell in my heart, and to help others do the same.
Michelle Morris
Karuna had a way of touching each part of my life. Like a powerful mountain stream, it removed obstacles and cleared new channels for communication. Through its powerful practices and teachings, I came away appreciating myself and my capacities in a new light.
Rees Sweeney-Taylor
A tremendous experience. I saw my cohort and myself settle into something profound together by the end of the two-year program. It was incredible and moving to witness and experience. The entire world needs Karuna now more than ever!
Byron Blum

What you receive from the two-year certification:

  • Instruction from some of the most highly-trained practitioners in Contemplative Psychology
  • A deeply rooted community of other Karuna participants in your cohort
  • The ability to connect with others in an intimate, soulful, authentic, and vulnerable manner

Start your Journey. 
Register for an upcoming Introduction to Contemplative Psychology offered both in person or online.

Attend an Introduction to Contemplative Psychology to find out if Karuna is right for you. Or, apply to the Karuna Training Certification Program.
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