Graduate Training Curriculum
1 Year Certification


About The Graduate Training

The Karuna Graduate Training is for graduates of the Basic Training
In this year-long certificate program participants learn skills for how to bring the elements of Karuna Training into their work and personal lives.

The heart of the Graduate Training is a 75-hour practicum which includes direct work with others in a project that you choose and design. The process encourages you to live your Karuna in the world and to apply it very directly in an area of your life that will challenge you deeply in personal growth.
The Graduate Training helps to uncover numerous opportunities that allow you to live skillfully from a place of compassionate exchange with the world. It also helps you to develop real skills in leading Karuna processes. This includes facilitating groups in Compassionate Exchange, Speaking from the Heart, Contemplative Experiential Exercises, and Mindfulness Awareness Practice. You will also take an in-depth dive into possible applications of Body, Speech, and Mind.

The Graduate Training cycle has a possible 55 total CEUs.

Meditation Instruction

Learn how to offer first-time meditation instruction that you can offer in a variety of contexts.

Facilitation of Contemplative Experiential Exercises

Be trained in the craft and delivery of contemplative, experiential exercises that you can design with a targeted outcome of awareness.

Applications of Body, Speech, and Mind Technique

Take a deeper dive into the magic of Body, Speech, and Mind. Investigate this work in multiple applications—including discerning the Body, Speech, and Mind of environments, organizations, and topics of concern. And get the skills needed to facilitate Body, Speech, and Mind groups.

Facilitate Speaking from the Heart Groups

Learn how to facilitate a group in the Speaking from the Heart process. Lead participants through the experience of deep listening and sharing in a safe and welcoming container.

Design and Deliver a 75-Hour Practicum

Be mentored through the process of creating a practicum that takes Karuna's methods into your life in an area that matters deeply to you. The possibilities of engaged compassion are limitless.
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