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Discover the Power of Your Heart

Be present and fully embodied in yourself, and learn to work skilfully with others to manifest your brilliant sanity.

A Certification In Contemplative Psychology:

Awaken your compassionate heart and experience personal growth and deep embodied presence. This certification in Contemplative Psychology is beneficial across professions, from therapists and coaches, to business managers and medical professionals, to artists and parents.

Karuna is a community of people who trust the wisdom of the world to awaken our compassionate hearts.

Getting Started

Free hour-long Karuna Lives as well as multi-week Introductory Courses to familiarize you with the basic concepts of Karuna Training
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Getting Certified

Discover more about our two-year certificate program in Contemplative Psychology — a course in deep, personal transformation
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Book Release!

The Diamonds Within Us teaches the basic practices that empower you to skillfully work with your mind, emotions, and unique wisdom.
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  • Karuna marked a turning point in my spiritual journey. It gave me, first and foremost, a community of practitioners that I love and trust, and who share my deep desire for spiritual growth. Michelle Morris
    Michelle Morris


  • Through Karuna Training, I have learned and experienced unconditional yes — 
    to what is and to what I am feeling. Nan Clydesdale
    Nan Clydesdale


  • The teachers are wonderful personally and very skilled and experienced professionally. Through their instruction and their guidance, these principles and practices have become a part of my daily life. Jack Brant
    Jack Brant


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Buddhist psychology is based on the notion that human beings are fundamentally good. Their most basic qualities are positive ones: openness, intelligence, and warmth.

From: The Sanity we are Born With by Chögyam Trungpa